Behind the scenes of all our Groups are committees of experienced and dedicated volunteers who act as a board.  They help with the operational side of our Scout Groups, helping to ensure the delivery of our high-quality programmes for young people.  This is an opportunity for business people to become involved with SCOUTS.

We are always looking for extra assistance, so if you want to help, as a 
  • Leader, 
  • Committee Office Holder, 
  • Water Charge Certificate Holder (so you can be more involved in our boating activities)
  • Cleaner
  • Boat Builder
  • Trailer maintainer
  • Hall maintenance
  • or if you see any other way you can be of assistance to the group
please don't be backward in coming forward.

Some specific jobs are posted at 
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Grants Officer Alice Collard 0273297911 
Treasurer Isobel Egerton 
Admin Chris Smith 021-673 511 
Cleaning Coordinator Jody Hughes 
Group Leader Anne Olsen 021501842 
Chair Josh Groom 02102576942 
Building Officer Heather Obruchkov 0204328437 
Secretary Jodene Fitness 021429538 
Showing 8 items
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