Fees: Where they go and how to pay them

From the office of the treasurer:                          Updated Jan 2019

As you are aware, the fees that are set so that your son / daughter can participate in SCOUTS with "St James Sea Scout Group" are based on the cost of providing our facilities and services.

If you have more than 2 children attending your fees for additional children are reduced by 50%. This covers affiliation and activity fees only. 

1st Child $105.00 / term
2nd Child $105.00 / term
3rd Child $52.50 / term
4th Child $52.50 / term

For your information I am providing you with a breakdown of these fees so you can understand where your money is being spent. 

The breakdown is as follows:

$52.50 / term New Zealand Scout Association for affiliation fees (2019).

The national youth membership levy portion of the Group fees charged will increase in 2018 to $159.00 (incl GST) per annum from $95.00 (incl GST) per annum. How this is charged to families will depend on the payment arrangements each Group has in place.

The new levy will come into effect 1 January 2018, and it is expected there will be further increases in 2019 and 2020 as we move the National Association to a fully funded model. Assuming there is no change in membership levels and/or costs, we want to take this opportunity to signal the national levy is likely to increase by $51.75 to $210.00 in 2019 and by $43.70 to $253.70 in 2020 (all figures include GST).

$37.50 / term St James Sea Scout Group administration: insurances, phone, power, leaders training, uniforms, up grading equipment, badges, and helps cover the cost of running keas, cubs, scouts, and the group.
Since the earthquakes in Christchurch, the biggest single expense item is insurance at $7164 (2018) - based on current membership (80) this is $22.39 per child per term.

For details of out last official Financial Statements click on the link.

$15.00 / term Activity fees: this covers items used in the course of the term programme.

Additional activities e.g. Camps are not covered by these fees. There is often an additional charge for these, we do try and keep these to a minimum.

Our boating expenses are largely covered by an Annual Grant from a Sea Scouting Trust which we are very greateful for.

Payment of fees

We will be sending a reminder at the beginning of each term, for the term fees. This will come home via email. 

We would ask that these fees be paid in full within the first 4 weeks of that term. 

Should you experience any difficulties you can have a confidential talk to Anne {Group Leader} or Chris {Treasurer} to make arrangements. 

If you wish to pay your fees “by a little bit each week” that is fine but it would be appreciate if the total was paid by the middle of the term. 

If you are paying your fees by internet banking or a manual transaction across the counter at KiwiBank, could you please ensure that you include what the payment is for, and your child's surname as a reference.

Your help with this would be very much appreciated. 

Should you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me on 04 973 8724 or 021673511, or admin@stjames.seascouts.org.nz