2017-2018 Season

BRAVO -St James Scouts, Venturers (and cub swimmers), leaders and parents we won the overall aggregate shield for the 2017-18 regatta season - the St James Shield.We have not won this for a number of years.

2018 Cutty Sark

1st Venturer sunburst, 1st Venturer Cutter, 1st Venturer rowing, 2nd Venturer seamanship, 2nd Venturer canoeing, 3rd Venturer iron-man, 3rd scout sunburst, 2nd scout cutter, 3rd scout rowing, 3rd scout seamanship and 1st caterpillar.

2017-2018 28th National Scout Regatta

1st Senior Lifesaving, 3rd Senior Cutter and 3rd Overall Senior Sailing and we gained Naval Recognition (Thanks to Chris for organising the paper work to apply for this - it is awarded to only 15 groups and over 80% must be achieved over a range of criteria). 7th placed overall (out of 18) in the regatta.

Onepoto Regatta 2017

1st Senior Rowing
1st Intermediate Rowing
1st Open Rowing
2nd Junior Rowing

1st Junior Seamanship
2nd Intermediate Seamanship
2nd Senior Seamanship
3rd Senior Kayak

2nd Senior Ironman
3rd Intermediate Ironman

2016-2017 Season

Well done to our Cubs, Scouts and Venturers who all won awards, for their efforts Sailing, Rowing and Swimming this season..

1st Hickson Regatta - Scouts - 
1st Hickson Regatta - Scout/Cadet - 
1st Kapiti Regatta - Scout Cutter - 
1st Lowry Bay Regatta Overall - 
1st Junior Rowing - 
1st Senior Rowing - 
1st Junior Cutter - 
1st Aggregate Junior

2nd Kapiti Regatta - Venturer Cutter
2nd Intermediate Rowing
2nd Open Rowing
2nd Overall Rowing
2nd Junior Sunburst
2nd Aggregate Intermediate
2nd Aggregate Senior
2nd Aggregate Open
2nd Aggregate Overall

3rd Cubs Swimming
3rd Onepoto Regatta Overall
3rd Intermediate Cutter
3rd Open Cutter
3rd Overall Cutter
3rd Open Sunburst

2015-2016 Season - St James

Well done to our Cubs, Scouts and Venturers who all won awards, for their efforts Sailing, Rowing and Swimming this season..

1st - Intermediate Rowing
1st - Open Rowing

2nd - Rowing Overall
2nd - Junior Sunburst

3rd - Senior Rowing
3rd - Senior Aggregate

3rd - Intermediate Sunburst
3rd - Intermediate Aggregate

3rd - Junior Rowing
3rd - Junior Cutter

3rd - Cubs Swimming

2016 Cutty Sark

1st equal in Scout Canoeing 
1st in Scout Sunburst 
2nd Scout Rowing 
2nd equal Venturer Canoeing 
3rd Scout Cutter sailing

2014-2015 Season - St James

Well done to our Cubs, Scouts and Venturers who all won awards.

2nd - Junior Rowing
1st - Intermediate Rowing - Wooden Oar Trophy
2nd - Senior Rowing
1st - Open rowing - "OPEN ROWING" Shamrock Lemonade Bottle Trophy
1st - Rowing Aggregate - "Port Nich Trophy"

3rd - Junior Sunburst
3rd - Kapiti Scout Cutter

3rd - Onepoto Invitational
3rd - Improvers
3rd - Junior Regatta Overall

3rd - Cubs Swimming

2013-2014 Sailing Season - St James

Congratulations to all, especially the Intermediate crews. 
It was great to see all the Scouts in Full Dress Uniform to collect the trophy's at the Prize Giving.

Overall Rowing Aggregate - First Place - "Port Nich Trophy" - Inter Patrol Challenge Cup - Presented by W.L.Young MP 1968

Intermediate Rowing Aggregate - First Place - "Wooden Oar Trophy" intermediate Rowing

Intermediate Cutter Aggregate - First Place - "Levin Trophy" for Intermediate Sailing Presented by Bryan Spencer

Most Improved
- First Place - "
WASS Improvers Award" - Presented by Sandy Bell 1975

Senior Regatta Aggregate - Second Place
Senior Rowing Aggregate - Second Place
Intermediate Regatta Aggregate - Second Place

Intermediate Sunburst Aggregate - Third Place
Junior Rowing Aggregate - Third Place